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Discover the UK’s Orient Express style train, the British Pullman
Belmond British Pullman

The British Pullman offers 1920’s style luxury train travel across the UK

The choice of royalty and a star of the silver screen, the Belmond British Pullman is a fully restored 1920s luxury train and easily one of the most luxurious in the United Kingdom. With eleven whimsically-named authentic carriages, each unique in décor and with different stories to tell, the British Pullman takes all its passengers back to the Golden Age of travel with its heritage upholstery, antique-style marquetry and vintage lighting. The Belmond British Pullman specialises in luxurious day trips departing from London Victoria and visits some of the highlights of Great Britain. Every journey aboard is truly unique and offers passengers a genuine insight to rail travel at its finest.

The Belmond British Pullman at a glance

Journeys through the UK
Journeys throughout the UK
Up to 226 passengers
11 authentic carriages
Tables & Seating
Tables for one, two, three or four
Four Seat Private Tables
Four-seat private compartments
Groups & Charters
Groups & charters available

The Belmond British Pullman discount codes

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Authentic & expertly restored 1920’s Pullman Carriages

Experience the Golden Age of travel for yourself
Belmond British Pullman Carriages
Hauling eleven distinctive Pullman carriages, each restored to their original 1920’s condition, there is plenty of choice when it comes to exploring the train or choosing where to be seated. Each of the carriages have been given their very own names to reflect their own distinctive décor. Royalty have ridden aboard these carriages and the British Pullman was even used as Winston Churchill’s funeral train, making this one of the most famous trains in the world with exciting historic stories to tell.

Each Pullman carriage seats between 20 and 26 passengers with combinations of one, two or three seat tables and four-seat private compartments. Larger parties may be seated across numerous tables and at busy times couples may share a table of four, however there is always the opportunity to request a private table upon booking.


Reserved for use by Royalty and visiting Heads of State, Cygnus was featured in the film ‘Agatha’ with Vanessa Redgrave and Dustin Hoffman. Cygnus was also used in the special festival of Britain in 1951.
Belmond British Pullman Cygnus


Repaired in 1947 following damage from an air raid in 1940, Audrey has carried the Queen, the Queen Mother and H.R.H. Prince Phillip the Duke of Edinburgh. Audrey also transported the Queen to visit Sussex University in 1964.
Belmond British Pullman Audrey


In 1948, Gwen was used alongside sister car Mona to transport H.M Queen Elizabeth, and later the Queen Mother, to Brighton. Gwen ceased service in 1972 and was preserved as a restaurant at the Horseless Carriage, Essex.
Belmond British Pullman Gwen


Constructed in 1925 and sold to Italy before being purchased by the Pullman Car Company in 1928 and returning to Britain for the Golden Arrow service. Ibis was also used until 1952 for Cunard boat train service between Victoria and Southampton before retiring in 1968.
Belmond British Pullman Ibis


Originally a First Class kitchen car constructed in 1928, Ione served on Ocean Liner services in Bournemouth until 1939 before running on the Queen of Scots, Golden Arrow, Yorkshire Pullman and many others before retiring in 1968.
Belmond British Pullman Ione


Constructed in 1928 as a First Class parlour car for use on the Queen of Scots Pullman before being transferred south in 1963 and serving the Bournemouth Belle until 1967 and preserved until 1984.
Belmond British Pullman Lucille


Servicing many Pullman routes since construction in 1927 including the Devon Belle in 1947 and the Golden Arrow in 1951. Often included in special occasions such as state visits and royal use in the early 1950s.
Belmond British Pullman Minerva


Construction began in the 1930s but did not complete until 1951. Perseus was used as part of the Golden Arrow service as well as Winston Churchill’s funeral train in 1965 before retiring in 1972.
Belmond British Pullman Perseus


The favourite carriage of Queen Elizabeth and the Queen Mother. Often used by visiting heads of state before retiring as part of the Golden Arrow service in 1972 and becoming a stationary restaurant in Lyon, France in 1973.
Belmond British Pullman Pheonix


Originally built in 1928 as a First Class parlour car before joining the Queen of Scots after the war. A part of the Yorkshire Pullman until 1955 and the Golden Arrow until 1960 before retiring in 1965.


Extensively repaired after a direct hit from an air raid in 1940, Vera rejoined the Brighton Belle in 1947 and was used by the Royals to review the fleet in 1953. Later used by Prince Charles’ and Princess Anne’s first trip aboard an electric train in 1954.
Belmond British Pullman Vera

Dining Aboard The British Pullman

Sample exquisite cuisine that could rival a London restaurant
Dining aboard the Belmond British Pullman
Experience exquisite dishes that easily rival even the most luxurious London restaurant. The Belmond British Pullman is home to some of the most talented chefs in the world serving up traditional dishes with an innovative twist. Menus that entice are guaranteed on every journey as a celebration of the culinary highlights of the towns and cities the British Pullman passes through. Feel truly relaxed as you sip chilled champagne and savour every bite while the beautiful British countryside glides by.

Dining aboard the British Pullman is included with every journey. The dishes served vary depending on the date and journey type and range from exquisite afternoon teas to multiple course dinners. More information regarding the culinary delights of each journey can be requested at the point of booking. A host of delicacies are prepared by dedicated chefs aboard the kitchen car who captivate the taste of the great British countryside and expertly craft innovative dishes, all accompanied by a selection of fine wines.

As expected, any special requested are happily taken on board and granted where possible. Please let us know at the time of booking should you or any of your fellow passenger have a particular requirement.

Guest Chefs

There are times where celebrity chefs are welcomed aboard for special journeys of their own. These journeys aboard the British Pullman allow you to experience the unrivalled luxury of rail travel while sampling the delights of some of the world’s most famous chefs. Journeys such as these are exceptionally popular and only run in limited numbers throughout the year, but easily offer some of the most exquisite culinary delights of any luxury train journey in the world.

The Dinner hosted by Raymond Blanc

A black tie evening like you’ve never experienced before, step aboard the Belmond British Pullman for a journey through the Surrey countryside as you experience an exclusive menu created by acclaimed chef, Raymond Blanc. As well as sampling his culinary skills, passengers will meet Raymond in person throughout what will be a spectacular evening.

The Dinner hosted by Michel Roux Jr

Step aboard the Belmond British Pullman for an evening of sublime dining, hosted by two-star Michelin chef Michel Roux Jr. As you relax in total comfort, you will experience a truly exquisite five-course tasting menu created especially for the journey. As well as sampling his creations, passengers will be able to meet Michel as he wanders through the carriages.

Belmond British Pullman Destinations

Explore Great Britain like never before
Belmond British Pullman Destinations
The Belmond British Pullman operated day trips throughout the UK. All depart and return to London Victoria. If you wish to depart from a different station, please take a look at Northern Belle journeys, where departure occurs throughout the United Kingdom.

The British Pullman makes a large number of journeys while offering different journey types and destinations throughout the year. With multiple dates through almost every month of the year, finding your ideal journey is simple and should require minimal planning. Some journeys may stop at a destination to allow passenger to disembark and explore for a few hours before boarding once again for an even meal on the return journey. Other journeys are enjoyed on board for the entire duration of the trip and focus on the meals served and the scenery that glides past.

Please note: The British Pullman does not embark on any journeys during January where it is maintained and cleaned ready for the year ahead.

Just some destinations the Belmond British Pullman visits include:

Belmond British Pullman Bath
Highclere Castle
Belmond British Pullman Highclere Castle
Chatsworth House
Belmond British Pullman Chatsworth House
Belmond British Pullman Canterbury
Belmond British Pullman Folkestone
Blenheim Palace
Belmond British Pullman Blenheim Palace
Belmond British Pullman Worcester
Belmond British Pullman Costswolds
Sissinghurst Castle
Belmond British Pullman Sissinghurst Castle
Arundel Castle
Belmond British Pullman Arundel Castle
Belmond British Pullman Cambridge
Belmond British Pullman Sandringham

Belmond British Pullman Prices

The journeys aboard the Belmond British Pullman are some of the most memorable in the world. Offering a pure, authentic experience of what luxury travel was like in the 1920’s, perfectly matched with exceptional destinations and exquisite culinary delights, every journey aboard the British Pullman is guaranteed to be memorable.

Since every journey is unique, prices can vary. Dates during the year and popularity of the bookings can also affect the price, such as when limited number of seats are available for a particularly popular journey. At, we always aim to match, if not beat, the prices quoted by going direct to Belmond.

As a guide, journeys begin at around £200 per ticket and rise depending on the journey and the exclusivity. What ever journey you choose, you can be sure the experience will be priceless.

Belmond British Pullman Offers

Special offers exclusive to
Belmond British Pullman Offers
We’re pleased to offer Belmond British Pullman offers across nearly all available journeys. Due to our partnership directly with Belmond and other luxury train operators, we are able to pass generous savings directly to customers of These savings offer substantial value across a wide range of journeys and mean taking a journey of a lifetime is much more in reach.

As well as our exclusive British Pullman special offers, we pride ourselves on matching, if not beating, Belmond’s own prices, making it cheaper to book with An added bonus of booking with us is our complimentary concierge service meaning someone will be on hand almost 24/7 to answer any questions you have or to assist in finding your perfect journey.

Booking through us means you’re only a phone call or an email away from talking to a human with a wealth of knowledge of all trains and journeys and not just a call centre. Our concierge team are dedicated to ensuring your journey is nothing but spectacular and are always on hand to help with special requests such as a bottle of champagne, flowers or perhaps a birthday cake ready and waiting on your table.

Below is just a sample of our Belmond British Pullman offers. If you are looking for something more specific or can’t find anything that appeals to you, please do get in touch.
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