Eastern & Oriental Express

A magical voyage discovering the exotic East
Belmond Eastern Oriental Express

The Eastern & Oriental Express offers luxury train travel across Southeast Asia

Discover Southeast Asia in style aboard the Belmond Eastern & Oriental Express. Step aboard one of the most luxurious trains in the world as you start your journey through the exotic East discovering cities such as Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok. Total relaxation meets adventure with decadent carriages featuring magnificent cherrywood panelling, Thai silks and Malaysian embroidery, the perfect place to spend your journey as you meander through jungles, ancient temples and quaint villages. The Eastern & Oriental Express can only be compared to a palace on wheels, with exquisite furnishings, exceptionally luxurious private accommodation and fine cuisine like no other you have tasted, a journey aboard the Eastern & Oriental Express is one to be savoured and enjoyed. By day, your cabin serves as a private lounge as you to enjoy a coffee in air conditioned comfort, wonder to the bar for your favourite beverage, share stories with fellow passengers before returning to your cabin at night where it is transformed into your own luxury bedroom. Wake up refreshed the next day for another Eastern adventure.

The Belmond Eastern & Oriental Express at a glance

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Accommodation aboard the Belmond Eastern & Oriental Express

An enchanting adventure across Southeast Asia
Belmond Eastern & Oriental Express Accommodation
Welcome to your very own private luxury retreat. A sanctuary of style featuring intricate marquetry, fine fabrics and vintage touches for a truly memorising environment for you to relax and unwind. By day, your accommodation is your very own private lounge, giving you the perfect view of the ever-changing landscape, while at night a steward transforms your cabin into cosy sleeping quarters. With a choice of cabins, all featuring en suite shower and WC as well as air conditioning and a 24 hour steward service who are on hand for your every beckoning call, choosing your home from home could be a challenge. The Presidential cabin offers supreme space with accentuated luxury, while State cabins are light, airy and offer the perfect view of the landscapes outside. Every cabin offer its own unique style, but the one thing they all have in common is the lavish luxury that makes this journey like no other.

Included as standard during your journey

En suite shower
Private WC
Cabin service call
Luxury toiletries
Air conditioning
Belmond Eastern & Oriental Express Presidential


Enjoy exceptional space and additional touches of luxury within your very own Presidential cabin. The perfect place to recline with a drink from the complimentary minibar, connect to the wifi, set the air conditioning and simply watch the tropical Asian landscape glide by.
Belmond Eastern & Oriental Express


A light, airy atmosphere for you to sit back and watch the world from your own personal vantage point. Spacious and elegant by day, seamlessly transformed by the stewards into a lavish bedroom by night, your own personal sanctuary awaits.
Belmond Eastern & Oriental Express Pullman


Vintage charm enriches the Pullman cabins with dazzle and delight. A paradise to relax in during the day as your cabin is flooded with light and after the stars emerge enjoy upper and lower berths with cosy linens for a perfect night’s sleep.
Belmond Eastern & Oriental Express Pullman Single

Pullman Single

The most intimate of retreats with rich, ornate details and luxurious finishings, the Pullman Single cabin is the ideal setting to settle back and relax. Daytime seating is converted into a single bed making it the ideal cosy space for your own Asian adventure.

Dining Aboard The Eastern & Oriental Express

A dining experience designed to delight
Dining aboard the Belmond Eastern & Oriental Express
After a day exploring the very best Asia has to offer, relive your adventure over a sumptuous feast in one of the dining cars. Experience crafted dishes expertly created by our on board chefs that make dining one of the many highlights of your journey. As the glorious Asian landscape rushes by, your senses will be at their peak with every bite of the delish cuisine bringing you a taste of the regions you discover during your travels.
Belmond Eastern & Oriental Express Menu

The menu

With internationally renowned chefs on board, you can expect every dish to be as equally delicious as the last. Rivalling that of the world’s best restaurants, you can expect the cuisine served aboard the Eastern & Oriental Express to be nothing short of exceptional. With delicious delights such as Nyonya curry to pan-fried scallops, take your seat in the Restaurant Car for sumptuous lunches and delightful dinners. To start your day, breakfast is brought to your cabin for you to wake up refreshed and invigorated, ready for another day’s adventure.
Belmond Eastern & Oriental Express Cocktails


Savour a taste of the exotic East with intriguing cocktails served from the bar. Inspired by the lush jungle and modern cities, the cocktails aboard the Eastern & Oriental Express are line none you will have ever tasted before. With a punchy Hulls of Perlis or a sweet, warm Royal Nightcap, the signature drinks served match the luxurious nature of the train and bring a fusion of glamour and mixology to create a truly unique drinking experience. Every one of your senses will be invigorated during your journey aboard and the cocktails add a true sense of flavour.

Belmond Eastern & Oriental Express Destinations

Your Southeastern adventure begins here
Belmond Eastern & Oriental Express Destinations
The Eastern & Oriental Express is a sleeper train that travels across Southeast Asia to destinations including Bangkok, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. All journeys are one-way only and usually last between one and four nights. The price of your ticket also includes private accommodation, 24 hour steward service, all meals and beverages aboard as well as any sight-seeing and transfers you may experience during your journey.

Most journeys aboard the Eastern & Oriental Express make stops along the way to their final destination to places such as Kuala Kangsar or Kanchanaburi where passengers are able to disembark and take a private tour of a historic or popular location. This allows guests to truly experience the exotic East and discover what this exceptional culture has to offer. After a day exploring, passengers embark back on to the train where you can freshen up in your private cabin before making your way to the dining car for a flavoursome feast.

Please note: The Eastern & Oriental Express does not embark on any journeys during January where it is maintained and cleaned ready for the year ahead.

Just some destinations the Belmond Eastern & Oriental Express visits include:

Belmond Eastern & Oriental Express Bangkok
Belmond Eastern & Oriental Express Singapore
Kuala Lumpur
Belmond Eastern & Oriental Express Kuala Lumpur
Belmond Eastern & Oriental Express Penang

Groups & Charters aboard the Eastern & Oriental Express

An exotic event of your own exploring the East
Belmond Eastern & Oriental Express Groups and Charters
The ultimate venue for a party of a lifetime, the Belmond Eastern & Oriental Express is the perfect place to host a memorable moment for each of your guests. With the inspiring Asian landscape rushing by outside and a vintage glamorous setting inside, the Eastern & Oriental Express is a venue that quite literally moves you and everyone on board. Create a truly memorable event for friends, family or business partners as either a group aboard a pre-scheduled charter, or as an exclusive charter where the entire train is yours for the duration of your event. Completely customisable with activities, food and entertainment tailored to your requests, when you charter the Eastern & Oriental Express you are embarking on a truly magical journey.

Corporate Events

The perfect way to rejuvenate your team, reward colleagues or impress clients, escape to Southeast Asia in style and discover enchanting landscapes, sumptuous cuisine and unrivalled levels of luxury. Meetings become memorable events with an elaborate choice of venues on board, including the Reading Room or the Observation Car. Request activities or excursions and an adventure will become a shared and truly memorable event.


Bring your loved ones on an adventure with you aboard one of the pre-scheduled charters. With a minimum group of 12, each of your guests will be treated to their own private cabins, all meals aboard, drinks as well as private tours if included in the journey. The perfect way to celebrate a special occasion or for a memorable milestone, there’s no adventure better than an adventure shared with the ones you love.

Private Charters

Create your own charter across the exotic East. With the entire train at your disposal, we will help you create the perfect journey to meet your requirements, including the food served on board as well as any entertainment or other special requests. A venue like no other in the world, when you charter the Belmond Eastern & Oriental Express, it opens up exceptional possibilities for you and your guests.

Eastern & Oriental Express Prices

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Belmond Eastern & Oriental Express Offers
There is nothing quite like a journey aboard the Belmond Eastern & Oriental Express. A magical adventure exploring the exotic East while experiencing unrivalled levels of comfort is sure to create memories you will cherish forever. Journeys like these are sought after those who want to experience a once-in-a-lifetime adventure and return home with stories to tell. A journey aboard the Eastern & Oriental Express is the perfect way to live life to the fullest and visit multiple incredible destinations while travelling in supreme levels of comfort.

The Belmond Eastern & Oriental Express embarks on many journeys throughout the year. The journey destinations, sights passengers may stop off and explore along the way and length of the journey all play a big part in the ticket price, with journeys taking from between one and four nights.

As a guide, journeys begin at around $1,900 per ticket and rise depending on the journey length, the destinations you visit and the exclusivity. While each journey is unique, one thing all journeys have in common is they offer priceless memories.
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