Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Answering common questions regarding luxury train journeys

Our friendly experts and our specialist concierge team are always on hand to answer any questions you may have. You can contact our knowledgeable team by email, live chat or telephone and we always aim to respond within a day or two. A luxury train journey is something very special indeed, so it is natural to have questions about how the process works. Throughout our years of offering luxury train journeys all over the world, we have been asked a few particular questions more often than others, which we have answered below. However if you have a completely different question or simply wish for clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.

When will my tickets be sent to me?

Your tickets will be emailed to you usually around five days before departure.

Why do you not send physical paper tickets?

Many of the train operators no longer use paper tickets, so we are unable to have these sent to you. This is mainly to reduce any issues with postage but also to collectively reduce our paper useage and impact on the environment.

Do you offer physical gift cards, vouchers or certificates?

In order to keep our prices as low as possible for our customers and to do our part for the environment, all of our tickets and gift vouchers are sent to you digitally. This makes everything as quick and as convenient as possible for you without having to wait for your tickets or vouchers to arrive by post. If you wish to give a journey or one of our gift vouchers as a gift, we recommend including a little note inside a card or being creative with how you suprise your recipient.

We therefore unfortunately do not offer physically printed gift cards, certificates or vouchers.

Can you send me a brochure?

We currently have hundreds of luxury train journeys of varying trains, journeys, locations and dates that are available and we are adding new journeys regularly. Because we are always updating what journeys we have available, and because we are trying to do our part for the environment by reducing paper use, we unfortunately do not have physical brochures that we are able to post. However if you do have questions, we are always available to ask.

How do your gift vouchers work?

You can choose to buy a gift voucher for a particular train or give your recipient the choice of any train or journey on the website. Once you have purchased a gift voucher, you will be emailed a voucher code. This code acts as credit, so once your recipient has found a journey they wish to take, they simply enter the voucher code in the checkout instead of paying by credit or debit card.

If your recipient wants to add to the amount you have given them, they can do so.

What is the dress code?

This can vary depending on the train and journey, but generally passengers are required to dress smartly, meaning no trainers, jeans or t-shirts. For sleeper journeys, such as those onboard the Venice Simplon Orient Express, Royal Scotsman or Grand Hibernian, it is recommended that formal evening wear is worn for the evening dinners. A dress for ladies and a suit with tie for gentlemen is generally recommended. Journeys that visit racecourses may have their own stricter dress codes; these will be outlined on that particular journey page.

Do you offer discounts?

We pride ourselves on being one of the most affordable luxury trains companies in the world. As an authorised ticketing agent, we are able to offer our trains from many different operators all in one place and at an affordable price. This makes finding your luxury train journey easier as you can compare journeys across many different trains as well as more affordable as we are able to be more flexible with our pricing. While most of our journeys already include some sort of discount, if you find a similar journey elsewhere we will match or even beat the price where possible.

How much is a child ticket?

All our tickets are based on one person, whether that be an adult or a child.

Do your trains have wheelchair access?

As you may be able to appreciate, most of our trains were built in the 1920's and 1930's and therefore aren't the most wheelchair friendly. Once onboard, tables and chairs cannot be moved unfortunately either, which is why only collapsable wheel chairs are permitted on day trips.

Are you a train operator? is an authorised ticketing agent. We compile luxury train journeys from multiple operators to offer you the very best choice of luxury trains. By booking through, you benefit from more flexible bookings, additional extras such as complimentary birthday cakes for celebratory journey and of course our complimentary concierge service. We are official partners with the luxury train operators we choose and therefore we are able to pass on the savings they offer us on to our customers.

What is your cancellation policy?

Our cancellation policy varies slightly between our operators, this is because each operator has a slightly different cancellation policy themselves. Rest assured that you will be protected by the same terms as if you were booking direct with any accredited luxury train operator. You can find our full cancellation policy here.

Can I go on the Orient Express?

The original Orient Express famed by novels and films stopped serving back in 1977. While some of the original carriages have been restored and are in use on other trains, it is unfortunately not possible to ride the original Orient Express.

The closest thing you will get to the original is her sister train, the Venice Simplon Orient Express. Built in the same era, the VSOE ran during the same era as the Orient Express, but on a different route south through the Simplon tunnel to Venice.

If you prefer to experience a day train rather than a sleeper, then the British Pullman is also an authentic and beautifully-restored 1920's train offering excursions and meals onboard throughout a wide range of round-trips across the UK.

You can find a wealth of other information regarding the original Orient Express and many other luxury trains in our blog.

We're here to advise on your luxury train journey

If you require assistance finding your perfect luxury train journey or would like to contact our friendly and knowledgeable team for any other reason, please call us directly on 020 3640 8887 or send us an email below.
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