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Welcoming Travel Agents & Hotels who wish to create a partnership
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Let's help each other with a partnership is always open to possible partnerships, whether that be with travel agencies, hotels or other brands with a similar audience and interest. We're flexible in the way we work with each other and have found many mutually beneficial partnerships with brands all across the world.

If you are a travel agency looking to add luxury train travel to your product range or a hotel at one of our departure or destinations, we'd be delighted to hear from you.

Discounts & preferential rates

Travel agents and luxury tour operators that partner with are given our best discounts and offered preferential rates as standard. Open up potential new revenue streams and give your clients greater choice by offering luxury train journeys supplied to you by

Personal Account Manager

All partners will receive the contact details for their own account manager who is on hand to assist with anything that may be required. Special requests, group bookings, reservations; anything a partner may require can be requested through your very own contact who will respond and carry out your request within one business day or sooner.

Travel agents has partnered with a number of travel agents and luxury tour operators all around the world as their preferred partner for luxury train travel. We offer a substantial discount, group discounts as well as early bookings and larger reservations. As a partner travel agency, you will be able to book journeys yourself using a special code entered at checkout or by simply asking your account manager to book on your behalf.

Hotel groups

We welcome partnerships with hotels that located close by to our departure points and destinations. A large number of our guests require overnight stays either at the beginning or end of their journeys and many request we book hotels on their behalf in order to simplify their booking and to create their own bespoke package.

Hotels we are partnered with will become our preferential choice when it comes to bookings and are offered as part of our concierge service, which comes as standard with all of our bookings.

Anything is possible

We are open to a number of partnerships and we are flexible with almost any approach. If you have a business that may benefit from our luxury journeys or similarly have a business that we may be able to benefit from, please do get in touch.

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