Le Grand Tour Luxury Train

Le Grand Tour Luxury Train

An immersive multi-night luxury train journey through France

Le Grand Tour train is ready to welcome you aboard with a true Belle Époque style as you embark on an adventure covering over 4,000 kilometers of the magnificent French railway system. This immersive multi-night luxury train journey through France is like no other, with the onboard crew really adding to the experience of the French luxury train. They will make up an integral part of your experience onboard and off board, as on this luxury train journey there is more to just being on the train!

With eighteen cabins, equating to thirty six passengers, Le Grand Tour train offers much more intimacy onboard in a relaxed spacious and tranquil environment. There are a couple of tours to choose from; Le Grand Tour which is the full 6-day and 5-night tour of France, or the Autre Spectacle offering a 2 day and 1 night journey.

Now it's time to understand what Le Grand Tour entails...

Typically the tour commences on a Monday from Gare de l’Est Paris and concludes on a Saturday, Le Grand Tour train will begin its season in June.

Day 1 of Le Grand Tour Train Journey | Epernay & Reims- Monday;

Your French luxury train journey will commence at the historic Gare de l'Est train station in Paris. You will board the beautiful Le Grand Tour train and begin your adventure. Before long you will arrive at Epernay railway station. You will take a tour of the Perrier-Jouët Champagne House where you will take lunch and sample Champagne in the Belle Époque Cellar as well as tour the Belle Epoque family home.

You will reboard Le Grand Tour train to continue your tour and prepare for your next excursion for the day, which will take you to the city of Reims. There will be a private tour of Reims Cathedral as well as a visit to the Master Glassworkers of the Simon-Marq Stained Glass Workshop in Reims. Then it's back to the train where you will dine on board.

Day 2  | Beaune & Annecy - Tuesday;

On your second day of Le Grand Tour, you will arrive in Beaune in the morning and visit the historic Hospices de Beaune, built in the 15th century as a place for the poor. This wonderful Burgundy estate of gothic architecture is now an extremely impressive home to some fabulous Burgundy wine. You will take a tour of the museum and enjoy a wine tasting. You will rejoin the train for lunch before heading to Annecy.

Annecy is considered by some as a little version of Venice. You will arrive mid afternoon at Annecy where you will take a guided tour of the city before boarding a boat on the lake for a relaxing boat trip. You will rejoin Le Grand Tour in the evening for your dinner.

Day 3 of Le Grand Tour Luxury Train Journey | Avignon & Les Alpilles- Wednesday;

Day three of Le Grand Tour takes you to the region of Provence. You will arrive into Avignon station in the morning to visit the Palace of Popes. At Popes' Palace you will take a private guided tour and you will be able to visit rooms that are usually closed to the public. You will enjoy a wine tasting before boarding the train before lunch to continue the tour towards Alpilles.

The train will arrive at Moulin de Castelas at around mid-day. You will visit an olive grove before taking a Provence lunch in the heart of the olive groves. After lunch you will be transferred to the cloister Saint Paul, here you will take a tour and learn about the life of the enigmatic Vincent Van Gough.

Dinner and Grande Soirée on board will be taken aboard the train.

Day 4  | Arcachon & Saint Emilion - Thursday

The third day of your journey will take you to the coast to visit a destination where the Parisians took their vacations. Firstly in the morning you will arrive at Gujan station where you will disembark to take a walk to visit the Dubourdieu shipyard. This shipyard is named after the gentleman who built rowing fishing boats in the area back in  1800, Louis Dubourdieu and here 200 years later is where you can see the same craftsmanship and detail of the day at a heritage company that pride themselves on the age old know how. This is a truly fascinating experience where you will also take a trip on the Arcachon basin and finish the morning with oyster tasting in Canon. Lunch will be taken aboard Le Grand Tour Train.

As the train continues the tour, making its way through the heart of the Bordeaux vineyards to Saint- Emilion, where several of the most prestigious Grands Crus châteaux open their doors to welcome us. In Saint- Emilion you will have the opportunity to take the private tour of the undergrounds and enjoy a cocktail at cloître des cordeliers.

Dinner will be taken aboard the train in the evening.

Day 5 | Chenonceau & Puy Du Fou - Friday

On the fifth day of Le Grand Tour, the morning will welcome you with the sun rising over the Cher as you arrive at Chenonceau train station, where you will disembark Le Grand Tour train to visit Château de Chenonceau "The Ladies Castle", built by the architect Catherine Briçonnet in 1531, the castle become the property of the Crown under Francis I. This castle, a symbol of peace and femininity, must be one of very few castles without blood on its stones. Here at Château de Chenonceau you will take an exclusive access, private tour of the castle and gardens before enjoying some refreshments in the Orangerie. By mid-day you will board the train again for lunch and set off towards the fabulous Puy du Fou.

Le Grand Tour is a poetic and immersive luxury train journey where you will be able to escape into the French legend, therefore it is essential that on the final full day of your grand tour of France we stop at Le Puy du Fou. The train will arrive a Cholet station just after lunch, where you will take a transfer to Puy du Fou. Like Épernay, the city that created Champagne, the Vendée, a land sacrificed during the Revolution, has become a land of creators and artists. The Bouquet of Wine and the bouquet of emotions of our shows. You will be taken on a VIP tour of Le Puy du Fou, a magical place where all eras unfold, a pride of France detailing with fascinating stories of the colourful history of France. You will enjoy a delicious dinner in a private location, before heading to an evening show.

Day 6 the final day of Le Grand Tour Train Journey - Saturday

After an eventful day at Le Puy du Fou the Grand Tour luxury train will take you back to Paris where this immersive journey concludes.

Le Grand Tour Map

Life Onboard

Welcome aboard Le Grand Tour and experience turn of the 20th Century aboard a train designed with the Belle Époque period in mind and embark on a journey as would have been during the golden age of train travel. The cabins, which are detailed above make comfort and luxury priority. The Bar offers a cosy, friendly atmosphere, where you can enjoy a book from the library and is also a place where you can sample some of the world's finest wines. The Restaurant or dining car as it's also know, celebrates French cuisine at its best, with Michelin 2-starred chef, Alexandre Couillon in the kitchen. There are just 18 cabins onboard and a capacity of 38 guests, this means that there is plenty of space for all passengers on a train that offers comfort, space on an immersive tours of France.

The Cabins

The 18 cabins aboard Le Grand Tour are designed with your comfort in mind, standard cabins (10 m²), cabin suites (15 m²) and connecting suites (25 m²). All cabins offer ensuite facilities with a shower and toilet, along with plenty of wardrobe space and a modular lounge. You also have customisable comfort, with your own heating and cooling controls for your room, along with WIFI. There's also a butler service available with each cabin and if you require an additional guest bed can be set up in the Cabin Suites for an additional fee if there are three passengers travelling.

Bar Car

After your day's excursions, it's nice to unwind and where better to do that onboard Le Grand Tour other than the Bar Car. As you enter the Bar Car carriage, you will be able to hear the sounds of the resident pianist enchanting you in, the clinking of glasses and conversation of your fellow passengers. Take seat in one of the comfortable armchairs and admire the beautiful French countryside pass by your window. Why not ask the mixologist to create you a bespoke and exceptional cocktail before your eyes and you enjoy the Bar Car's unique atmosphere.

Restaurant Car

Le Grand Tour show continues as you enter the restaurant car. Located in the centre of the train, the Restaurant Car is a place of gastronomic discovery. Marvel at the fresh seasonal products from the regions crossed by the Grand Tour and sublimated by our two-star chef. It's time to experience delicate dishes and to promote French culture throughout the world, our chef invites you to his table.

Dress Code

Being a luxury train, there is a strict dress code onboard Le Grand Tour, especially for dinners taken on board. Passengers are encouraged to wear elegant evening attire. For gentlemen, trousers, shirts, blazers and dress shoes and for ladies a distinguished elegant outfit.  

Jeans and sneakers are to be avoided for dinners, whilst a chic casual outfit will be appropriate for excursions.

Le Grand Tour FAQs

Is Le Grand Tour suitable for those who use a wheelchair?

"Yes, it is possible for wheelchair uses to take Le Grand Tour, there are cabins which can accommodate and many of the excursions are also wheelchair friendly. You will need to make a representative aware before you place your booking."

Does the train have cabins with ensuite?

"Yes, all cabins aboard the train have ensuite facilities, including a toilet and shower."

Are there short tours available on Le Grand Tour train?

"Yes, there will also be a 2-day, 1-night journey available too!"



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