Most Luxurious Trains in the UK

Most Luxurious Trains in the UK

The top 3 UK Luxury Trains

Luxury train travel is experiencing somewhat of a renaissance recently and some of the most luxurious trains in the UK are now more easily within reach than ever before. For those who with to experience a UK luxury train ride, long waiting lists and ultra-exclusivity are now a thing of the past.

With so many luxury train deals now available, accessing the likes of some of the most famous trains in the world such as the British Pullman, the Northern Belle and the Royal Scotsman and now more affordable and more accessible than ever before.

To make things even more enticing, some of the very best luxury trains operate right here in Great Britain, meaning us lucky Brits have access to the very best luxury trail rides than anywhere else. From as little as £200 per person, you can now experience an authentic 1920’s or 1930’s luxury train journey, complete with epic views, exquisite cuisine and an all-round unforgettable day out.

But with so many trains claiming to be the most luxurious in the UK and so many routes to choose from, what would actually be considered ‘the very best’? In this guide, we round up the top 5 most luxurious trains across England and Scotland and point you in the right direction when it comes to sampling the very best in luxury train travel.

Most luxurious trains in England

With multiple luxury train journeys departing almost every day of the year, England has an ample choice of luxury train journeys. From afternoon teas onboard a beautifully restored, 1920’s luxury train to a full day-out with an excursion to a city, country home or garden of interest, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to luxury train journeys in the UK.

But with so many luxury train journeys on offer, which are the very best? At, we only offer journeys on what we believe are the very best two luxury trains. For luxury trains to meet our exacting standards they must:

  • Be in an authentic, restored condition
  • Offer the very best cuisine with every journey
  • Offer a wide range of journeys throughout the year
  • Every detail, fit and finish must be exact

Based on our criteria, we can safely say there are just two luxury trains in England that are guaranteed to offer passengers a truly unforgettable experience. These two trains are both originally restored, both offer exceptional cuisine, both offer an incredible schedule throughout the year and have interiors that will keep you amazed throughout the entire journey.

Let’s explore these two incredible trains in detail...

British Pullman

British Pullman

We start our list with one of the most famous trains in the UK and one with ample history. A truly exquisite example of luxury on rails, the British Pullman has been enjoyed for over 100 years by those looking for the very bes tin luxury train journeys.

Build exclusively for day trips, dining and excursions, the British Pullman is a fine choice for those wishing to dip their toe into the would of luxury rail. With a large schedule of varying journeys, most of which embarking frequently each week of the year, there is plenty of choice and availability.

The British Pullman is a firm favourite amongst our guests, both new to luxury train travel and those who are already accustomed to a truly exquisite experience.

What is it?

The British Pullman is a beautifully restored 1920’s luxury train. Having been featured in many films and being the number one choice for royalty, the British Pullman has been treating its passengers to luxury journeys for over a century.

With whimsically-named carriages, each offering a unique décor, there is plenty to explore onboard. And for those who wish to book a second journey straight after their first, being seated on a different carriage will evoke different sensations for each and every trip.

Featuring antique upholstery, vintage lighting and ornate décor, it’s easy to see why so many are attracted to the British Pullman. Stepping onboard is like stepping back in time to the Golden Age of Travel when only the elite were able to attain such an experience.

These days, a journey onboard the British Pullman is something almost anyone can do. With a wide selection of journeys throughout England, there is plenty to choose from, including some ultra-exclusive journeys hosted by celebrity chefs!

Where does it go?

The British Pullman’s schedule is updated every year but always includes a lavish mix of locations. For those looking to sample the very best cuisine in the most unique setting, there are numerous dining journeys available where passengers enjoy a scenic journey through the Great British countryside while being treated to exquisite gourmet food.

For those looking for an adventure, the British Pullman also takes passengers to many cities of interest including Bristol and Bath as well as many stately homes such as Chatsworth House and Sandringham.

That’s not all; the British Pullman also transports passengers in luxury to some of the hottest social events in the calendar. Those wishing to arrive in style to such occasions such as the Goodwood Revival, RHS Flower Shows, Royal Ascot, or even the Grand National will have the pleasure to do so.

Do note that the British Pullman departs exclusively from London Victoria.

How much does it cost?

Prices for British Pullman luxury train journeys range from around £300 per person up to around £700 per person. Lower priced journeys are usually for dining experiences, which last around four to five hours and include a glorious meal with scenic views.

Higher priced journeys tend to last a full day and include entry to a place of interest or time at leisure at a city or seaside destination.

How do I book?

You can book a British Pullman luxury train journey with us direct either by calling us on 020 3640 8887 or viewing our British Pullman journeys and booking online.

Northern Belle

Northern Belle

Another UK luxury train worth considering in the Northern Belle. A spectacular 1930’s luxury train, restored to truly incredible condition, the Northern Belle offers an entirely different selection of luxury train journeys across England.

The main difference between the Northern Belle and the British Pullman, besides the choice of journeys, is that the Northern Belle departs from multiple stations across England. For those who reside far from England’s capital, this makes the Northern Belle a truly tempting prospect.

Exclusively offering day trips, the Northern Belle offers a wide range of dining journeys plus excursions. Steward service comes as standard and one can even charter the entire train for a special occasion!

The Northern Belle is a true piece of engineering art, and with the amount of craftsmanship and detail that has been taken into account within each of the unique carriages, one will be taken back to a time of glitz and glamour as soon as one climbs onboard.

What is it?

The Northern Belle is a seven-carriage luxury train from the 1930’s. It takes passengers on a wide range of journeys throughout the year from afternoon teas to excursions to some of the UK’s most storied luxury homes and gardens.

Like with all UK luxury train journeys, the Northern Belle includes exquisite cuisine prepared fresh onboard by talented chefs in the kitchen car. From lavish afternoon tea spreads to multiple-course feasts, one of main highlights of any journey onboard the Northern Belle is the fine dining.

Onboard, imagine comfortable armchairs, ornate wood panelling and fine fabrics, all of which compliment the gorgeous ever-changing views you’ll experience from your window. Guests onboard the Northern Belle have access to stewards at all times, where nothing is ever too much trouble.

Where does it go?

The Northern Belle explore all four corners of England (and sometimes beyond!). With updated schedules every year, the time table for the Northern Belle is always fresh with adventure.

As standard, there are always a wide number of dining journeys to choose from that take passengers across some of the most beautiful parts of England. Like the British Pullman, these journeys consist of a four to five hour round-trip while passengers enjoy the finest of foods.

For those wishing to make a day of it, the Northern Belle also offers trips that last the whole day taking passengers to locations such as York, Cardiff, Bath and beyond. The Northern Belle also takes passengers to numerous Christmas markets during the festive period as well as various flower shows throughout the year.

How much does it cost?

Northern Belle journeys are a little more affordable than those onboard the British Pullman. Starting from around £200 and rising up to around £500, the Northern Belle is an incredibly tempting proposition for those who wish to sample what life was like during the Golden Age of Travel.

Like the British Pullman, lower price points are typical of dining journeys, including afternoon teas and multiple-course Sunday lunches. As the price rises, so does the length of the journey and whether passengers will have time at leisure at a destination.

For a full day out at a destination with time at leisure as well as brunch and dinner, prices typically start from around £300 per person.

How do I book?

Book any Northern Belle luxury train journey by calling us on 020 3640 8887 or viewing our full list of Northern Belle journeys and booking online.

Most luxurious trains in Scotland

There is but one luxury train in Scotland that not only meets our standards, but excels in all areas. One train that is so opulent and offers truly unforgettable journeys that many passengers flock from across the globe to experience time onboard.

With a wide range of Highland tours lasting from three to seven days, this train is exclusively a sleeper and offers passengers a truly once-in-a-lifetime journey that never stops inspiring.

Add to that all meals and most drinks are included within the ticket price, as are entry to all destinations, this particular train is incredible value and allows guests to focus on taking it all in.

Operating for most of the year and offering a generous choice of journeys with a wide range of destinations, may we introduce the Scotland’s most luxurious train, the Royal Scotsman.

Royal Scotsman

Royal Scotsman

Far more than transport, the Royal Scotsman takes passengers on a whimsical journey through the Highlands stopping at some of the most beautiful and intriguing destinations en route. Regarded as one of the most luxurious trains in the world, the Royal Scotsman leaves passengers with those ‘pinch-me’ moments, as a journey onboard seems so surreal.

With spacious, light and luxurious cabins, the Royal Scotsman also features a well-stocked bar and even a Bamford Spa car. Passengers can book treatments and massages in one of the very few travelling spas in the world to experience true relaxation and luxury.

Your home-from-home for the duration of your journey, the Royal Scotsman is a truly epic place to return to after a day’s adventure. With warm ornate woods, fine fabrics and a comfortable place to call your own, a journey onboard the Royal Scotsman is something truly special.

What is it?

The Royal Scotsman is one of the most luxurious trains in the world attracting passengers from near and far. Offering one of the most unique ways to explore Scotland’s beautiful scenery, there is no better way to explore the Highlands than in pure, unrivalled comfort with a beverage in-hand as you watch the landscape unfold.

Consisting of 10 carriages, the Royal Scotsman is exclusively a sleeper train meaning no day trips are offered. The journeys this train embarks on are over numerous days and so journeys are considered as more of an excursion than a the luxury trains offered in England.

With such a high reputation, journeys do become fully-booked very quickly with some journeys becoming fully-booked a year in advance. A train that anyone will truly appreciate and

Where does it go?

While the Royal Scotsman does partake in some legs of it’s journey south into England, the vast majority are focused around the Highlands of Scotland. The Royal Scotsman embarks on a week-long journey across the length and breadth of Scotland, of which passengers have the choice to join for three, four, five or seven nights.

Throughout the duration of the tour, the Royal Scotsman visits stately homes, gardens, distilleries and areas of natural beauty. Passengers are usually given the choice of excursions depending on the journey including seal watching and traditional country pursuits.

While journeys do vary from year to year, the general premise of the journeys remains the same. Those who choose a journey onboard the Royal Scotsman do so for two reasons; to see the wonders of Scotland in the most luxurious and relaxing way possible and to experience one of the very best luxury trains in the world.

Do note that all journeys depart and return to Edinburgh exclusively.

How much does it cost?

Prices for Royal Scotsman journeys range from around £3,000 per person up to around £11,000 per person depending on the length of the journey.

Generally speaking the longer the journey, the most costly the ticket, although one should always remember that the ticket price includes everything you could need throughout the duration of your journey.

All meals are included consisting of breakfast lunch and dinner. The bar is well-stocked and almost all drinks are included as well. Any transfers and entry to excursions also make up the ticket price. The only additional extra passengers may with to pay for are any treatments or massages in the spa car.

How do I book?

You can request advice or book a Royal Scotsman luxury train journey by calling us on 020 3640 8887 or viewing our extensive list of Royal Scotsman journeys and booking online.

Experience a luxury train for yourself

Luxury train travel is in a renaissance for good reason; many are realising the unforgettable and truly unique experience one can have onboard some of the world’s finest luxury trains. Best of all, you can experience these luxury trains right here in the United Kingdom.

This concludes our list of the top three most luxurious trains in the UK. We firmly believe these are the very best available and offer both the best experience for the best price. With so many journeys on offer between these three trains, we are confident there is a journey for everyone.

Of course if you would like one-to-one advice or to learn more about these three trains, their journeys or luxury train travel in general, please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can call us on  020 3640 8887 or contact us via email.

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