Special Occasions

Special Occasions

Celebrate in style onboard a genuine 1920s luxury train

Big birthdays, milestone anniversaries, weddings; we have plenty of excuses to celebrate throughout our lifetime. Traditionally the default option would be to go for dinner with friends and family or perhaps throw a surprise party, but once one has done those things (and maybe more than once), it may be time to try something new.

Whether keeping a special occasion discreet amongst you and a partner, with a small group of friends or going all-out and celebrating with a rowdy bunch of friends and relatives there’s probably one option you are yet to consider; a luxury train journey.

Special occasions call for special celebrations and there isn’t much that can compare to a luxury train trip of a lifetime. Dine onboard a 1920s luxury train for an anniversary. Take a three night break to discover a country for a milestone birthday. Take some friends and family with you as you enjoy your very own carriage (or even the entire train) the possibilities really are endless.

Milestone Birthday

A milestone birthday

Whether celebrating your own birthday or organising something truly special for a friend or family member, a luxury train trip is a day they’ll never forget. Surprisingly popular amongst our customers, we are regularly asked for recommendations for those looking to book a special journey for a special birthday.

The most popular choice would be to book a day trip either onboard the British Pullman or the Northern Belle. Both offer a wide range of journeys throughout the year and both offer dining experiences or day trips with excursions.

Every journey includes at least one multiple course meal with dining journeys taking a scenic round-trip route while passengers enjoy their freshly prepared cuisine. The routes do vary, but they tend to always go cross country offering the best possible backdrop to your celebration. These journeys last around four to six hours.

Excursions last all day and include around four hours leisure time at a destination such as a city or country home. These journeys include a brunch on the outward journey and usually a four-course dinner on the return journey.

Journeys depart regularly, usually once or twice per week and availability is generally good. However as always, we would recommend booking as soon as possible to secure your seats.

Any number of passengers can be accommodated for, if it’s just for the two of you we can upgrade you to a private table of two. If it’s four we’ll put you on your very own table of four. We can accommodate up to around 30 passengers per carriage so numbers really aren’t an issue.

As standard, if you mention you are celebrating a birthday, either for yourself or someone else, we will also include a complimentary birthday cake to be presented onboard.

Prices do vary but they start at around £250 per person. That said the more tickets you book, the more discount we may be able to offer.

Special Anniversary

A special anniversary

Romance really does live on the rails and what better surprise than a luxury trip on an Orient Express style train. Rather than a restaurant, why not that a loved one to a freshly-prepared meal aboard a restaurant with ever-changing views? This is guaranteed to be a meal both of you will never forget.

The British Pullman and Northern Belle are once again the trains of choice here. Their wide range of journeys and availability make them the perfect trains to enjoy a romantic meal as you watch the glorious British countryside glide by.

With beautifully restored original carriages, fine woodwork and fabrics, the scene really is something from a movie as you both relax in your arm chairs. Order your favourite beverage, maybe even a bottle of something special and enjoy each other’s company as you discuss the happy years you have spent together.

For something truly intimate, upgrade to a private table to be guaranteed your very own table to yourselves. Then sit back, enjoy the views, the food and each other.

Trip of a Lifetime

A trip of a lifetime

Whether recently retired or just looking for an excuse to celebrate, we make dream journeys come true. While cruises by sea are a firm favourite, a cruise by rail is becoming an increasingly popular alternative. Offering the same levels of luxury but on a more intimate scale, a luxury train journey may be the very best holiday you have ever taken.

The concept is the same; you have your very own private cabin to use as you wish. During the day you can recline in solitude with a glass of your favourite beverage while at night it become a peaceful haven for you to have a restful nights sleep after a day’s adventure.

You also have the entire train to explore, and with 10 or more carriages, there is plenty to see. Go to the viewing car to take in the scenery or relax in the bar car or lounge. Converse with fellow passengers and make new friends.

Many journeys also include excursions. Some offer a different excursion every day meaning you really get to explore the sights and sounds of wherever it is you are visiting. One day you could be taking part in some country pursuits, while later that same day you could be treated to a VIP guided tour of a distillery. Every journey is truly unique.

For something short and very sweet, take the Venice Simplon Orient Express across Europe for a one-night journey. One of the most luxurious and authentic trains in the world, journeys like these give you a taste of what life was like during the Golden Age of Travel and offer levels of luxury you’ll be lucky to find elsewhere.

For something longer, explore the Royal Scotsman and enjoy a journeys from three to seven days across the Scottish Highlands. Offering some of the most beautiful views in the world, you’ll explore the hidden beauty of Scotland on this relaxed voyage onboard a truly impressive train, equipped with its own onboard spa.

For something further afield, try the Grand Hibernian in Ireland, the Eastern & Oriental Express in Southeast Asia or the Andean Explorer in Peru.

Hire a Carriage

Hire a carriage

Ideal for bringing up to 30 others with you on your journey, it’s possible to hire an entire private carriage for almost any of our journeys. Not only will you have a carriage to yourself to do as you please, but also your very own dedicated stewards just for your party.

Celebrate in style as you treat friends and family to an unforgettable occasion or have everyone chip-in to spread the cost amongst your party. The good news is booking an entire carriage works out much cheaper than booking individual tickets.

As lavish and extreme as it may sound, hiring a carriage is a unique way to celebrate a special event. If celebrating with others is something you must do as part of your celebration, there really couldn’t be any better way to do it.

Hire a Train

Hire the entire train

For the ultimate celebration, charter the entire train and create your very own unique journey. Bring friends, family, colleagues neighbours all with you onboard a truly unique menu with ever-changing views and a staff of stewards available for your every need.

With these journeys you have full say over the menu, where the train goes and any additional entertainment you require onboard. This is your journey so you can truly customise it to be exactly as you wish.

As always we are on hand to organise everything for you or to advise where needed. We can suggest menus, offer destination or route choices, everything you could possibly need to make your celebration a success.

Have a celebration coming up?

We are always happy to advise on the best possible journey for your celebration with no obligation. Whether it’s a special birthday or a once-in-a-lifetime event, our team are always on hand to help assist in any way you need. Simply get in touch by telephone, email or live chat and we will be more than happy to help.

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