Venice Simplon-Orient-Express Grand Suite

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express Grand Suite

The most luxurious sleeper train cabins in the world

The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express Grand Suites are among the very best train cabins in the entire world and easily some of the most luxurious by some fair margin. Offering space, grandeur and opulence, a Grand Suite aboard the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express is for those who seek the very best and want to enjoy every minute in one of the most luxurious private accommodations onboard one of the finest trains in the world. This really is the best of the best.

Each Grand Suite is of an exceptional size for a luxury train cabin and is available in a double or twin configuration. As well as a luxurious bed, there is a seating area, desk plus wardrobe for all of your belongings during your stay. With multiple windows, the cabin is light and airy, seeming much larger than it actually is.

Beautifully designed, the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express Grand Suites are finished with lavish, polished and intricately detailed wood panelling featuring bespoke decorative designs. Gleaming bronzes and gold décor add to the occasion while ornate decorative lighting and the finest fabrics add that high quality finishing touch.

Each Grand Suite comes equipped with

  • Free flowing champagne
  • Private dining
  • Personal 24 hour butler
  • Marble en-suites
  • Lounge area
  • Bathrobes, slippers & towels

There are six Grand Suites onboard the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

  • Paris Grand Suite
  • Venice Grand Suite
  • Istanbul Grand Suite
  • Budapest Grand Suite
  • Prague Grand Suite
  • Vienna Grand Suite

Venice Simplon Orient Express Paris Grand Suite

The Paris Grand Suite

The epitome of fine accommodation, the Paris Grand Suite is the closest you’ll get to the most romantic city in the world on the rails. Light, elegant and beautifully classic, the Paris Grand Suite brings the very best of the city with you on your travels for a truly sublime private quarters.

Featuring a plus lounge area for the day and a sumptuous sleeping area with a full-size double bed for the night, this can only be described as a five star hotel room on wheels. The Paris suite even features a marble en-suite, meaning one can shower and freshen up ready for the evening meal in pure unrivalled levels of luxury.

All the details that make up this elegant suite are of the finest quality and nearly everything you see is hand-made. From the beautiful woods to the delicate fabrics, this truly is a haven to enjoy while you watch the world glide by outside your many windows.

Aside from your beautiful quarters, the Paris Grand Suite also includes free flowing champagne at your very request and your very own 24 hour butler service should there be anything you require at any time. Another added bonus when choosing a Grand Suite is the option to dine in private in your very on quarters. Truly magnificent in every possible way.

Venice Simplon Orient Express Venice Grand Suite

The Venice Grand Suite

Indulge in the Italian-inspired Venice Grand Suite with its Venetian beauty. Sink into delicate silks, admire the grandeur of the decorative walls and stretch out in style as you occupy one of the finest cabins in the entire world. This spacious suite offers everything one could need when aboard the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, including your very own personal butler who is at your service 24 hours a day, free flowing champagne and even the option to enjoy your meals in private inside your cabin.

Generously spacious and finished to the highest standard, the Venice Grand Suite offers something unique, very much like the city itself. A spacious seating area is waiting for you to sink in and unwind as you watch the ever-changing landscape glide by. With drink in hand, admire your home from home for the duration of your journey, every delicate detail hand-made by some of the most talented professionals in the world. When day turns to night, a comfortable sleeping area beckons.

Effortlessly stylish, the Venice Grand Suite is ideal for those who pay special attention to detail and want to be surrounded by the very finest materials. Guaranteed to make any journey extra special, the Venice Suite is a truly unique option and one you will struggle to find in comparison aboard any other train in the entire world. Only the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express with its two other Grand Suites comes even close to this spectacle of a cabin.

Venice Simplon Orient Express Istanbul Grand Suite

The Istanbul Grand Suite

True to the routes of the original, the Istanbul Grand Suite offers a sense of Turkish romance embodied in a truly lavish setting. What can only be described as an ‘exotic suite’, the Istanbul Grand Suite is full of bespoke details, such as beautifully decorated wooden wall panels, the very finest of silks and fabrics and a truly lavish marble en-suite.

Beckoning you to enter, unwind and relax, this Grand Suite combines opulence with comfort for a truly unique cabin like nothing else. Spacious yet systematically cocooning, this luxury cabin wraps you in layers of comfort where one could quite easily spend and entire day without ever feeling weary.

Everything you touch, see or sense in the Istanbul Grand Suite is of the very highest quality. Completely hand-made and built to the very highest specification, this suite is the definition of luxury and is chosen by those who want to enjoy the very finest rail travel has to offer, anywhere in the world.

Budapest Grand Suite

The Budapest Grand Suite

One of the three newer Grand Suites available onboard the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, the Budapest Grand Suite is adorned with intricate detailing and sumptuous silks. With an Art-Nouveau throughout the cabin, seen within the detailed headboard and fine woodcarvings throughout, the Budapest Grand Suite oozes opulence and grandeur.

Reflecting the style and elegance of the Hungarian capital, the Budapest Grand Suite is tasteful, refined and offers all of the luxury you would expect of a cabin of this calibre. With it's own fine-marble en-suite, free-flowing champagne and 24 hour steward, the Budapest Grand Suite is very much like that of a five-star hotel.

Everything you see, touch and admire is of the very highest quality providing the perfect environment for you to enjoy your journey onboard.

Vienna Grand Suite

The Vienna Grand Suite

With gorgeous emerald green furnishings and intricate wood panelling, the Vienna Suite has a very royal and regal feel to it's design. Taking inspiration from the imperial city of Vienna, the Vienna Grand Suite takes inspiration from the city's grand appearance with Art Deco elements and Baroque flourishes.

Every inch of the Vienna Grand Suite is covered in the finest fabrics and incredibly detailed wood panelling. All furniture is plush and comfortable making the Vienna Grand Suite the perfect place to unwind after an excursion or to simply relax and watch the world glide by.

Featuring it's own en-suite very much like the other Grand Suites as well as free-flowing champagne and it's very own dedicated steward, the Vienna Grand Suite is ideal way to see the world in style.

Prague Grand Suite

The Prague Grand Suite

This exceptional city now has a Grand Suite to match. The Prague Grand Suite is an exceptional display of interior design with a more minimalistic yet still highly detailed approach. With an Art Deco style headboard, gorgeous soft decorative lighting and beautiful wood panelling showing off intricate wood grains, the Prague Grand Suite is a stylish, understated way to travel.

That is understated by Grand Suite standards, the Prague Grand Suite is very much still an exceptional space to be in with a high quality finish throughout, including the en-suite. The atmosphere of the Prague Grand Suite is one of relaxation and muted tones to provide a setting of peace and tranquility.

As with the other Grand Suites, the Prague Grand Suite is incredibly spacious with a separate sleeping and sitting area. With plenty of space to move around the cabin in comfort, this is yet another incredible Grand Suite making up the unrivalled luxury of the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express.

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Grand Suites are exclusively available only on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express. While all other trains have equally as impressive accommodation on offer, none quite offer the grandeur or exclusivity like these. Grand Suites are available on nearly all Venice Simplon-Orient-Express journeys, however with only three available, they are deeply desirable and highly exclusive.

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