Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Re-opening dates

Some luxury train operators have announced dates their trains we begin operation again. These dates do vary depending on the train's location. For more information, take a look at our luxury train re-opening dates.

Here at, we understand the uncertainty of the current situation surrounding the Coronavirus outbreak and how this may cause worry or confusion with regards to our journeys. We would like to reassure all customers that are working alongside Government recommendations as well as our supplier’s own policies to ensure customer health comes first and inconvenience is kept to a minimum. Below you can find what we’re doing throughout this situation. Please note this policy may be updated as things progress.

The current situation (as of 01/06/2020)

Almost all trains and journeys will be resuming as planned from July 2020. Operators are adhering to health and safety rules outlined by local governments as well as their own measures. Customers can currently pre-book any train journey from July 2020 through to the end of 2021. For full details please see our luxury train re-opening dates.

If your journey is cancelled

Should your journey be cancelled by the operator, we will do everything we can to notify you as soon as possible to reduce inconvenience to a minimum. We are in contact with the operators daily and as soon as we know of any developments to any journeys no matter how far in advance, we will let you know. You will most likely hear from the operator directly as well, but we will also reach out to you to confirm.

If your journey is cancelled by the operator, you may be able to reschedule free of charge subject to the operator's own terms and conditions. You may also be able to choose a different journey and pay any difference subject to the operator's own terms and conditions. Unless otherwise agreed, cash refunds are regrettably unavailable if an operator chooses to cancel a journey. A cancellation by an operator will only be due to circumstances to prevent further inconvenience or for passenger's own safety.

Rest assured that any bookings that get postponed, we will honour for the same journey next year, Alternatively you can opt to receive a credit for your journey to use against any other journey of your choice. This credit will be valid for two years.

If you choose to cancel your journey

You may be able to postpone your journey free of charge depending on the operator's own terms and conditions. You may also be able to change to a different journey subject to any difference in journey cost. If you still wish to cancel your journey, your refund will be subject to the operator's own cancelation terms and conditions. This may mean you only receive a partial refund depending on how close to the booking you are cancelling, or even receive a zero refund if your cancellation is usually within 10 days of when you are due to depart. Some operators are currently offering credit for future journeys only. Please contact us for full clarification as this does vary between operators.

If you still want to go ahead with your journey

All journeys unless otherwise stated are still scheduled to go ahead as normal. All operators run a very high level of standard, so you can be confident you will be looked after during your entire journey. If you choose to still go ahead with your journey, you can expect the same exceptional experience you would have otherwise received.

If you want to book a luxury journey

With all journeys still available unless otherwise specified, we are still taking bookings as normal and with many journeys later in the year and even next year, there is still plenty to choose from. If you are unsure for whatever reason, we are happily taking small deposits in return for reserving seats on a journey. If you'd like to reserve seats on a journey, please get in touch and we will happily arrange this.

Should you have further questions

Please do no hesitate to get in touch. The best way to receive a fast answer would be via our contact us page where you can expect a response usually by the next working day.