Peace of mind

The extra precautions being taking to ensure your safety
Peace of Mind

The same luxury train journeys with subtle but safe changes

During these unique times, we want to reassure customers new and returning that your safety and wellbeing is more of a priority now than ever before. We have been monitoring our train operator’s progress with the measures they have taken to ensure the highest safety and cleanliness measures and we are pleased to say we are more than satisfied. Our operators who run the luxury train services have been able to alter the way their service is run to ensure your safety while also ensuring your overall experience is still as enjoyable as it has always been.

Even with these enhanced measures, guests will still receive the same high-levels of service and experience the same exceptional journeys our trains have been known for. Journeys are now back on schedule and are available to book for the rest of 2020 and throughout 2021 allowing you to make your own informed choice as to when you will feel confident to travel.

Below we have outlined the main areas that have changed to ensure all precautions have been met. But as always, should you have any further questions or wish to speak to someone about any concerns you may have, please do call us on +44 20 3640 8887 or email us directly and we will be more than happy to answer any queries you may have.

Face coverings and masks

A question we are commonly asked is whether guests will be required to wear a face covering or mask. Guests are welcome to wear a face covering or mask if they wish but this is not a requirement by the operators while guests are on board the train.

Since every journey includes a fine dining experience and every party is distanced on their own tables, the setting is very much similar to that of a restaurant. Guests therefore are not required to wear a mask since they will be taking part in culinary activities.

That said, if a journey includes a destination where guests depart to explore a city or point of interest, guests may be required to wear masks off of the train and in other surroundings our operators do not control.

Therefore if your journey itinerary includes a tour, destination or other experience that takes place off of the train, we recommend bringing a mask as it may be required in these circumstances.

Should your journey be cancelled

We have strong relationships with our luxury train operators built over years working closely together. Our cancellation policy has always reflected that of our individual operators and we are pleased to say that our own policy now matches the recent changes made to ensure you never lose out should there be a cancellation due to COVID-19.

In short, if a journey you are booked on is cancelled due to Coronavirus, you will have the option to receive a full refund, to choose a later date for the same journey or to receive credit to be used towards any other journey.

The choice is completely yours and you will not be pressured to choose any particular option. Since we do not hold your money, the speed of refunds are dictated by our operators, but these tend to be completed in around 10 working days or less.

More details surrounding our cancellation policy can be found here.

Private tables

Normally, depending on the train, when booking a luxury train journey you have the choice of a shared table or a private table. Currently, all bookings are being given a private table as standard to ensure adequate distance between all guests.

Only you and your booking party will be on the same tables ensuring you are not within close contact of any other party during the duration of your journey.

Additional cleaning measures

The trains are regularly cleaned after each journey as standard, but additional measures have been put in place to disinfect commonly touched areas to ensure maximum hygiene. This includes but is not limited to any door handles, cutlery, tables or any other areas of the train that may be touched by more than one person.

Specialist staff training

According to our operators, ‘all our employees are well-trained to identify the symptoms of Covid-19, and have been instructed not to come to work if they are feeling unwell or had contact with anyone who is suspected or confirmed as having Covid-19’.

In short, our operators have instructed all staff not to be present if they suspect they may have the virus or may have come into contact with anyone who may also have the virus. This once again reduces the risk of transmission further.

Service from a distance

Guests can expect the same exceptional service but at times it may be presented in a slightly different way from usual. This may include stewards offering their service from a distance or using technologies to reduce the need of contact between people, even menus printed on single-use paper. Every precaution has been made to firstly ensure your safety, but also ensure you are still treated to unrivalled levels of service.

Audited safety standards

Some of our operators have even stated they are working with health bodies and working with third-party specialists to ensure the best possible precautions are in place. Some operators have also told us they are openly being audited to once again ensure they are doing everything they can at the highest level of standard.

What this means for our guests

It is still our aim to ensure every customer is delighted with their journey and arrives back home with memories they can cherish for a lifetime. We have reviewed all our operator’s guidelines and we are confident that our customers will receive both the high level of service they have come to expect along with all of the safety precautions to ensure their safety.

Guests should receive complete peace of mind their journey is going to be just as enjoyable as ever but with the added knowledge that they’re safety and hygiene is being taken care of.

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