Venice Simplon-Orient-Express Cabins

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express Cabins

Accommodation onboard the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

Welcome to the ultimate guide to accommodation onboard the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express. When booking any journey onboard the legendary sister of the Orient Express, you will be given the choice of four cabin types, but what are the differences and which one is right for you

That is exactly what we will be looking into with this Venice Simplon-Orient-Express cabins guide. We will be looking at the differences between each cabin, what is included and which cabin will work best for your needs and your budget.

With a wealth of experience working with luxury train operators, including the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, we are experts in luxury train travel accommodation and are the best people to advise on the best cabin for your journey. If you have any questions regarding Venice Simplon-Orient-Express accommodation, simply contact us and our experts will be more than happy to assist.

Historic Cabin During Day

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express Historic Cabins

The most common and most affordable type of cabin onboard the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express is the Historic Cabin, formally known as the Twin Cabin. Although the smallest of all cabins, it is still plenty large enough for two people, and with a large window, it offers a light and airy space.

The main difference between the Historic Cabin and all other cabins onboard is the conversion from day lounge to bedroom. Grand Suites have enough space for a lounge with a separate sleeping area, whereas the Historic Cabin must be converted between the two. The stewards convert Historic Cabins from lounges to bedrooms while passengers are at dinner.

Passengers are free to wander the train and lounge in the bar car if they wish, therefore the time you spend in your cabin may be minimal. If you’d rather converse with fellow passengers and explore the train throughout the duration of your trip, a Twin Cabin to store your luggage and sleep may be the ideal option.

Historic Cabins do include a sink with running hot or cold water but no en-suite, however there is a WC at either end of the sleeping carriages. All suite cabins including the suite twin and suite double have en-suite facilities, the Historic Cabins are true to their name and comply with the traditional cabin setup.

Historic Cabin prices start at £3,530 per passenger

Historic Cabin Day Configuration
Historic Cabin Night Configuration

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express Single Cabins

Now due to the upgrade of the Cabin Suites and Grand Suites, unfortunately, it is no longer possible to book a Single Cabin aboard the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express. Solo travellers are still able to book, of course, but there is a single occupancy supplement, which in effect is like paying for two passengers. If you are looking to book as a solo traveller aboard the train, please get in contact as we may be able to reduce the cost of the single occupancy charge.

Cabin Suite

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express Cabin Suites

A Venice Simplon-Orient-Express Cabin Suite is essentially made up of two connected Twin Cabins. The result is effectively one room for sleeping and another for lounging. In short, a Cabin Suite is double the size of a Twin Cabin.

Ideal for those who wish to spend more time in solitude, a Cabin Suite is a popular option. Offering both a sleeping and lounging area means no need for conversion by the stewards and allows one to take a nap if they so wish during the day.

A Cabin Suite benefits from two large windows for added light and an interconnecting door that can be opened to fully make use of the extra space. If you are considering a longer journey onboard the Venice Simplon Orient Express, a Cabin Suite may be a wise choice.

Cabin suites will be replaced on the 15th of June 2023 by the Suite Twins and Suite Doubles, details of which are noted below.

Suite Bathroom

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express Suites (double or twin)

The new double suite and twin suite cabins are to be made available for journeys departing after the 15th of June 2023. These new suites are inspired by the landscapes of which the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express passes through and feature beautiful designs famed by Art Deco designers Lalique and Dufrene. The suites compliment the current Historic Cabins and Grand Suites and are the perfect in-between option.

With a private en-suite bathroom, featuring an intricately designed mosaic floor, you will have the added comfort of your own private facilities. All the new suites also come with complimentary amenities, which include slippers and kimono to take home.

There are though a limited number of suite twins and suite cabins onboard, therefore if you are interested in a journey and would like to book one of the suites, we recommend doing so as far in advance as you possibly can.

Suites start from £7,260 per passenger

Twin Suite Day Configuration
Twin Suite Night Configuration
Double Suite Day Configuration
Double Suite Night Configuration

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express Grand Suites

The largest and most opulent cabins onboard the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express are the Grand Suites. Only six are available onboard, each with its own unique interior décor inspired by the city they are named after. Every Grand Suite includes a beautiful marble en-suite, free-flowing champagne and your very own steward available 24 hours a day.

The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express Grand Suite cabins are exceptionally large, with a separate sleeping and lounging area as well as an en-suite. Three large windows flood the cabin with light allowing you to take in all of the ornate finishes and intricate detailing.

Every Grand Suite is made up of the finest fabrics, beautiful wood panelling and polished brass. The best way to describe a Grand Suite is a five-star hotel room on wheels.

Grand Suites offers the very best accommodation available on almost any train in the world. They are among the largest and most beautifully decorated, and with only six available for any journey, they are among the most sought-after as well.

Grand Suite prices start from £10,165 per passenger

Paris Grand Suite

Paris Grand Suite

The epitome of luxury accommodation, the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express  Paris Grand Suite is one of the original three suites added to the train. Like staying in the romantic city itself, the Paris Grand Suite is elegant, refined and beautifully decorated.

Fine furnishings, lavish wood panelings and highly polished brass make this a regal-style place to stay. With a full-size double bed and a separate lounge, the Paris Grand Suite is large in size and in character.

Three large windows frame the ever-changing landscape and fill the cabin with light. Combine that with free-flowing champagne and 24-hour steward service, the Paris Grand Suite is among the very best available anywhere in the world.

Venice Grand Suite

Venice Grand Suite

Complimenting the Paris Grand Suite beautifully, the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express Venice Grand Suite is an Italian-inspired space that mimics that of a five-star hotel by the canal side. Delicate silks, ornate panelling and plush furniture make this one of the very best cabins for relaxing while admiring the view from your windows.

Generously spacious, this too features a separate sleeping and lounge as well as an en-suite. Passengers could spend almost the entire duration of their journey inside the Grand Suite if they so wish, and with somewhere as exceptional as this, many do.

The Venice Grand Suite is full of small details that create a big impression. Choosing the Venice Grand Suite will make any journey onboard the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express truly special.

Istanbul Grand Suite

Istanbul Grand Suite

It’s easy to see the inspiration behind the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express Istanbul Grand Suite. With echoes of Turkish romance embodied into every inch of the cabin, this is a Grand Suite full of bold décor, intricate patterns and the finest fabrics.

Bespoke detailing adds a sense of grandeur to this Grand Suite as you recline on fine furnishing that compliment such a bold room. Spacious yet cocooning, this Grand Suite shouts glamour and opulence making it the ideal place to recline and take in the ambience.

Hand-made to the highest standards, the Istanbul Grand Suite is a sight to behold. Every inch of the space is covered with the finest materials and designed with delicate patterns. Combine this with a glorious en-suite and you have an incredible living space for the duration of your journey.

Budapest Grand Suite

Budapest Grand Suite

A light, airy take, the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express Budapest Grand Suite offers an embellishment of Art-Nouveau inspiration combined with warm yet soft colours and details. One of the three newer Grand Suites onboard, Budapest is a fine and contemporary addition to the train.

Inspired by the style and elegance of the Hungarian capital, this cabin offers a cosy, light, bright space to relax in pure seclusion. Amply in space and with an exceptional en-suite, the Budapest Grand Suite is the ideal place to call your home from home.

Finely lacquered wood panels show off the delicate wood grains, complimented by the highly polished brass accents and plush furniture. A truly stylish living space that would be the ideal place to recline during any journey.

Vienna Grand Suite

Vienna Grand Suite

The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express Vienna Grand Suite stands out from the others with its bold emerald green furnishings. Inspired by the city itself, the Vienna Grand Suite has a royal, regal feel to it with an embellishment of intricate patterns across the walls and fabrics.

Still offering the same spacious configuration as the other Grand Suites, including a generous en-suite, the Vienna Grand Suite is a completely different take on what a luxurious space should be. A light spacious with flourishes of green and polished brass really set this cabin off from the rest.

If passengers wish to feel like royalty as they travel from one city to the next, there is no better cabin to choose than the Vienna Grand Suite.

Prague Grand Suite

Prague Grand Suite

A cabin to match this wonderful city, the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express Prague Grand Suite is another new addition to the train. With muted red tones and dark wood panelling, offset with polished brass and light cream fabrics, this is a stylish place to stay.
An Art Deco-inspired headboard takes centre stage in this incredible space, made up of a sleeping area, lounging area and en-suite. Of course, this Grand Suite also benefits from free-flowing champagne as well as dedicated steward service.

Understated in style but boasting incredible levels of elegance, the Prague Grand Suite is the ideal place to simply sit back and enjoy the journey. With three large windows that let in ample light, this is the perfect space to watch the ever-changing landscape.

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