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From snow capped mountains to lush forests and gleaming lakes, Europe is a beautify and diverse part of the world, and what better way to explore it than luxury train. Train holidays Europe is all about the journey, not just the destination. As you travel from one country to the next, you’ll be treated to the ever-changing landscape outside your window, plus unrivalled levels of luxuries inside.

A truly once-in-a-lifetime journey, rail holidays Europe are the best way to discover parts of the world most people are never fortunate enough to see. While airplanes travel above the beautiful landscapes and cruise ships travel around, travelling by luxury train means you travel through the landscape ensuring every second of your journey is truly memorable.

Echoing the journeys once taken by the famous Orient Express, train holidays in Europe are a unique and special way to explore countries while also experiencing some of the finest luxury available anywhere in the world. Just like the original Orient Express, modern day luxury trains offer the opulence and service once found during the Golden Age of Travel in the 1920s and 1930s. Your journey is all about you and ensuring your ever need is met.

With a wide range of journeys available throughout the year, finding your luxury sleeper train journey across Europe has never been easier. Choose where you wish to depart from or where you wish to travel to, choose from a range of luxurious private cabins, then choose your date. It really is as simple as that.

Explore just some of our most popular Europe train holidays below. Many more are available from countries all over Europe and are available to book well in to next year. An optional deposit is also available to guarantee your cabin, allowing you to book in advance and pay when convenient.

The Best Train holidays Europe

From the moment you step aboard, you are treated to the very finest rail travel has to offer. Much like a five star luxury cruise on land, your every need is met by the stewards who are available 24 hours a day. Your satisfaction is their main priority, so should you require anything during your train holiday in Europe, nothing is too much trouble.

The best train holidays in Europe are the ones that take you on an adventure. This is more than travelling from point A to point B, this is about discovering the beauty and diversity of this incredible continent and creating memories you’ll cherish forever.

Listed below are some of the most glamorous and truly special train journeys available across Europe. From one night to five nights, you’ll enjoy your time onboard sampling fine cuisine prepared fresh on board by talented chefs, relaxing in your very own, spacious cabin, conversing with fellow passengers in the bar car, or simply watching as the landscape from your window changes with the countries you travel through.

Rail Holiday Europe Prices

Rail Holidays Europe Prices

The price of your ticket includes everything included in your itinerary. This includes all meals on board the train, freshly prepared by talented chefs in the onboard kitchen. Some journeys include overnight stays in certain countries, so your ticket cost includes all transfers and hotels as well as any private tours of VIP access that may also be included. And of course there is a free-flowing bar on board.

A rail journey in Europe is a convenient and easy way to enjoy a journey of a lifetime. Once you climb aboard, your adventure begins and there is no need to think about paying for anything else. You can rest assured you’ll be treated to the very best cuisine available on rails and you’ll be sure to come away with stories to tell when you return.

Prices for your Europe rail holiday vary depending on the journey you choose, the time of year you decide to travel and the cabin you wish to occupy. Some sleeper journeys consist of just the one night while others that travels further throughout more countries could last as long as five.

The cabin choices vary massively as well. A basic cabin, although incredibly spacious and luxurious is ideal if you wish to spend more time in the other carriages than in your own private quarters. Although for those that really want to experience the very best luxury train travel across Europe has to offer, then choosing a Grand Suite is the ultimate in private accommodation.

Whichever journey, time of year or cabin you choose, you can guarantee a journey of a lifetime. Riding the Orient Express is on many people’s bucket list, and it’s easy to see why. Exploring the world one country at a time in the most luxurious and comfortable way possible is something truly special.

Belmond Venice Simplon Orient Express Grand Suite

The Belmond Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

The train of choice for your holiday in Europe is the Belmond Venice Simplon-Orient-Express.

Now beautifully restored, the VSOE remains one of the most luxurious trains in the world. Each carriage is truly unique, with its own name and individual stories to tell. Lavishly decorated with fine fabrics and beautifully crafted woods, exploring the train is an absolute must during your journey as you find the carriage that speaks to you.

Travelling from Paris France as far as Istanbul Turkey, the VSOE is the most luxurious way to discover Europe. Transfers to and from London are available via her sister train, the British Pullman, and equally as luxurious day-train that begins or concludes your journey of a lifetime.

Private Cabins and Suites

The private accommodation onboard the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express is some of the best in the world, too. Offering a range of cabins and suites, all offering ample space as well as en-suite facilities, staying onboard the VSOE can only be described like staying in a five star hotel.

During your journey, you are free to use your private accommodation as you wish. Use it to store your belongings, watch the landscape change from your window in privacy or never occupy it apart from sleep. It’s your private cabin and during your rail holiday in Europe, you use it as you wish.

A highlight must be the three Grand Suites available on board. Highly sought after for their incredible detail, extravagant décor and generous space, these must be the most luxurious cabins available onboard any train in the world. Featuring glorious en-suites, a separate sleeping area and lounge area, if you want the very best train travel has to offer, this is it.

Train Holidays Europe Paris to Istanbul

Paris to Istanbul Train holiday

This is easily the ultimate rail holiday in Europe. With limited tickets available and only running on select dates during any year, this is the very best way to explore Europe in the finest possible way.

Consisting of five nights, your journey begins in Paris as you board the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express and are shown to your private cabin. Explore the train, enjoy a glorious gourmet dinner that evening and settle down for your first night on board.

Awake on day two where you find yourself in Budapest. After a relaxing day onboard, you depart the train for an overnight stay in a luxurious hotel. After breakfast the next day, you are treated to a guided tour of the city, lunch and a river cruise before continuing with your journey.

The next day we arrive in Bucharest where you’ll visit Peles Castle and a short tour of the city before arriving at your hotel for the night. A special dinner is served at a private venue in the city.

We then travel south to Bulgaria where you’ll enjoy a brief stop to admire the Black Sea. Enjoy brunch and a glorious dinner before you settle in for your final night on board the train. As you wake the next day, you find yourself in Turkey where the final stop for the journey is the incredible city of Istanbul.

This journey is also available in reverse: Istanbul to Paris

Explore this journey & the itinerary:

Explore this journeyTrain Holidays Europe Budapest to London

Budapest to London

This one night sleeper train holiday across Europe takes you from the city of Budapest to London. Two glorious cities with miles of epic landscape between them, this journey is ideal for those that wish to explore Europe and the beauty it has to offer.

Departing from Budapest in Hungary, you’ll enjoy a journey like no other you have experienced. With free-flowing champagne, 24 hour steward service and a cabin that resembles a five star hotel, you’ll be treated to the very best while on board.

As part of your journey, you’ll enjoy multiple courses of gourmet food, prepared fresh on board by chefs in the kitchen car. Converse with fellow travellers and make new friends who share the same inspiration for a train holiday across Europe.

A unique part of this journey is not only your time on board the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, but also the opportunity to ride the British Pullman as well. Once you reach Calais, you will transfer to the VSOE sister train for the final leg of your journey to London. On board you’ll enjoy a marvellous afternoon tea before pulling in to Victoria Station where your journey concludes.

Explore this journey & the itinerary:

Explore this journeyTrain Holidays Europe Paris to Venice

Paris to Venice

From one beautiful city to the next, this train holiday across Europe is one of the most romantic. Starting in Paris, you board the train and are instantly in awe over the details and beauty of the carriages. You are taken to your private accommodation by one of the stewards and your journey begins.

After some leisure time onboard, you are treated to your first glorious meal of your journey; a multiple course dinner served in one of the dining cars. Once you have concluded your gastronomic adventure, you are free to make your way to the bar car, treat yourself to any beverage of your choosing and converse with fellow passengers.

Meanwhile outside as day turns to night, the landscape changes. From rolling hills to bushy forests to snow-topped mountains, Europe begins to tell a story right outside your window.

Waking up from a restful nights sleep, you are treated to breakfast in your cabin at a time to suit you. The remaining hours on board the train are yours to enjoy as you bid farewell to the people you met and take in the stunning interior of the carriages one last time. Your journey concludes as the VSOE makes its way in to Venice.

This journey is also available in reverse:
Venice to Paris

Explore this journey & the itinerary:

Explore this journeyTrain Holidays Europe Venice to Vienna

Venice to Vienna

A glass of sparking wine welcomes you as you board the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express for your train holiday in Europe. As you make your way to your private cabin, the train disembarks from Venice as you head through the glorious European landscape on your way to Vienna.

The party on board begins after some leisure time to settle in to your accommodation or explore the train as you wish. A fabulous dinner is served in one of the dining cars where you enjoy freshly prepared food, made on board by talented chefs in the kitchen car of the train.

Once you have enjoyed several courses of some of the finest cuisine you’ll ever sample, it’s time to head to the bar car for a drink or two of your choosing. There may be live music, there may be dancing, but what is guaranteed is by this time you already have several stories to tell friends and family when you return.

Retire to your cabin for a restful nights sleep before awakening to continental breakfast served in your cabin at a time to suit you. After some final leisure time to watch the view from your window unfold, either from your own cabin or in the lounge or bar car, it’s time to enjoy a final three-course lunch before we reach Vienna and the journey concludes.

Explore this journey & the itinerary:

Explore this journeyTrain Holidays Europe Paris to Verona

Paris to Verona

Come away from your European train holiday with stories to tell that will have friends and family in awe over your journey. A tribute to the Golden Age of Travel on a train where opulence and luxury are found in every inch, a journey like this is to be savoured and enjoyed.

This one night sleeper journey takes you from the romantic city of Paris to the glorious city of Verona. Unrivalled in luxury and taking a gracefully scenic route, a journey like this is incomparable by any standard.

After a welcome drink, you make your way to your private cabin where your adventure begins. Enjoy the view in privacy from your large window or explore the many carriages of the train. Enjoy your time at leisure before a sumptuous dinner is served in the dining car, made up of multiple courses of freshly prepared cuisine.

After a culinary experience like no other, the evening is yours. Head to the bar car for some light entertainment, a beverage and conversation. Make new friends and share stories and the experience of a rail holiday like no other.

As day turns to night, retire to your cabin for a peaceful nights sleep. A continental breakfast is served in your cabin at a time to suit you, before you have time to spend as you wish exploring some more, enjoying the atmosphere of the lounge or enjoying a drink with new friends,

Your final lunch of your journey is a three-course lunch served in the dining car once more. Full of fine cuisine and incredible flavours, its your final taste of luxury on rails as we pull in to Verona where your journey concludes.

This journey is also available in reverse: Paris to Verona

Explore this journey & the itinerary:

Explore this journeyTrain Holidays Europe London to Venice

London to Venice

On this journey, you experience two authentic luxury trains, beginning with the British Pullman. Sister train to the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, this glorious day train welcomes you on board with a drink before treating you to an afternoon tea as you make your way on the first leg of your journey.

After passing through the channel tunnel, we arrive in Calais where you transfer to the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express. Equally as luxurious as the British Pullman but contrasting in style, this is your home for the remainder of your journey.

Make yourself at home in your private cabin before enjoying some leisure time exploring the train. A multiple course meal is served in the dining car later that evening where you’ll be treated to some truly glorious cuisine, made fresh by chefs in the kitchen car.

After a truly wonderful gastronomic experience, spend the evening in the bar listening to a twinkling piano, converse with new friends and enjoy a drink of your choosing. As the train continues through Europe and the night moves on, retire to your cabin for a restful nights sleep.

The next morning, breakfast is served in your cabin at a time to suite you allowing you to rise as you wish. The morning is yours to wander the train or to simply admire the view from the window of your private cabin.

Enjoy your final meal of your journey; a three-course lunch in the dining car, before you bid farewell to your fellow passengers as we arrive in the beautiful city of Venice.

This journey is also available in reverse: Venice to London

Explore this journey & the itinerary:

Explore this journeyTrain Holidays Europe Prague to London

Prague to London

From one lively city to the next, head west across Europe for a train holiday of a lifetime. A one-night sleeper journey on board one of the most luxurious trains in the world, followed by afternoon tea on board the British Pullman makes this a truly special journey.

As expected with a journey of this calibre, you are welcomed on board with a glass of sparkling wine before being shown to your cabin. Here you are free to make yourself at home, admire the view or explore the many carriages of this glorious train.

After some free time to meet and greet your fellow passengers, its time to make your way to the dining car for a truly fabulous evening of gourmet delights. All prepared fresh on board by talented chefs, this is a meal to remember.

With dinner concluded, make your way to the lounge for some live music, a drink and conversation with fellow passengers. Outside, the landscape is ever changing and as day turns to night, its time to retire to your cabin.

Awake fresh and invigorated with continental breakfast served in your cabin whenever you wish. Spend the morning relaxing and watching the changing landscape before you arrive in Calais. Here you’ll bid farewell to the VSOE and hello to the British Pullman.

For the final leg of your journey, enjoy a traditional afternoon tea as you make your way through the channel tunnel to London Victoria where your train holiday in Europe concludes.

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This is just a small sample of rail holidays in Europe, and with some of the very best journeys and prices available anywhere, we’re confident we can find the ideal holiday for you.

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